Some of my favorite pictures from August.

An early morning walk at a nearby park.

In the evening, deer come right up to our fence - helps that we throw over old bread and watermelon rinds - racoons come too.

This month, deer didn't run when they saw us riding through the woods in the Mule.  They just stood there and watched us go by. 

This is another day - see how much smaller this one is.  The bright red/orange eyes indicate that he is a male.  Females have soft brown eyes.

The boys talking to Jyah who's being towel-dried.             Scotty being towel-dried                                             Joey complaining.

Another thing we saw a lot of this August was box turtles.  The one above is quite old (by size) - see my hand size in comparison. 

Scotty just scissored                                      Joey just scissored                                      All four just groomed.

What Mule rides would be like if the dogs had their way (above).                   

Joey and Scotty - Jyah and Sydney
watching "Street TV"

At the park                                               Jyah, Sydney, Joey, and Scotty                                  then a visit to PetSmart

"Demon Dog" stalking his brother.                                                                                              "Demon Dog" guarding hall                

Bringing the morning newspaper                     On a rock at the park                                     A hind view walking the trails              

        "Whatja doin' Dad?"                                      Scotty stalking his brother                There's deer on the other side of the fence            

 What deer see when the dogs and we are riding the Mule through the woods.        

 Checking for deer.                                    We found a turkey feather on our Mule ride                  Scotty loved playing with it        

 When we went to the park this day, we saw a turkey in the field across from the entrance.      

 Wouldn't it be nice if Scotty really could do the mowing?!    But, he'd rather watch deer and go to the park.     

 Scotty stalking his brother                               Joey on "cement mountain"                 Joey hugging his mom.     

 Jumping up through circle cut-out                                             Going up to 8' tall tower and down   

 We found this lovely old graveyard to blue-screen the boys into for their upcoming Halloween movie. 


 First thing in the morning, we play for about an hour.  Then we rest, have breakfast, and get our teeth brushed

Jumps are set up in the basement for practice.                          Joey sleeps with a monkey.                       Jyah (12) and Sydney (11)

Scotty stalking his brother                         Scotty chasing his brother                                         Joey and Scotty after their bath.

"Oh, my, what big teeth you have!"                  The dogs don't see what I see . . . squirrel in the hole.