Many years ago when we purchased acreage in the country, a five-bedroom house came with the property.  As the house was in good repair, we moved in with our seven dogs (one Standard Poodle, a German Shepherd, two Bullmastiffs and an assortment of strays we'd rescued).  As there were just two humans and five-bedrooms, we knocked out one wall to make a larger master bedroom and then made one of the spare bedrooms into a grooming room for the dogs.  This room was adjacent to a bathroom so we could access the plumbing from the basement, enabling us to add a wash tub to the dogs' grooming room.

With natural attrition and adding a Standard Poodle here and there, about 15 years ago we ended up with four Standard Poodles, which I was grooming by myself.  When my husband retired a couple of years ago, he offered to help with the grooming.  As the Poodles are washed/scissored every two weeks, we decided to turn another spare bedroom into a scissoring room so one of us could be washing/drying a dog while the other was scissoring and doing body clipper work on another dog. 

Several months ago, we re-laid the floor in the grooming room, and I thought Poodle owners who have a spare room or two might like seeing ideas from our experiences - hence, the pictures of our two grooming rooms.  (Some day, I'm going to re-do the paintings on the walls.)   

Pic 1 We took off the full door to each grooming room and made little gates to fit the entries.  (The second grooming room is behind Joey - you can see where we had moved the equipment from the first grooming room into that one while refurbishing was in process.) Pic 2 is where we had set up to cut 1/4 inch underlayment for the new vinyl flooring. 

Pic 1: Coming straight into Groom 1 (see the open gate) there are stairs up to the tub.  A mirror is above the stairs.
Pic 2: This is a regular-sized bath tub with a cut-to-fit tub backsplash on a plywood backing that has a shelf overhead for towels.
        The tub is on a wooden base to bring it up hip height.  There are two shelves next to the tub which holds a force-dryer
        on the bottom shelf and teeth care supplies on the top shelf.
Pic 3: The grooming table against the wall is covered with a white shower curtain for ease of cleaning.  We built a pull-out 2-         step unit for the dogs to walk up on the table and for us to sit on while clippering face, feet, etc. There is a giraffe-type
         shop light at either end of the table to give excellent lighting.

The new floor has been laid and all of the equipment returned - circling around the room from left to right

Pic 1: The roll-around grooming stand is really ancient but I like it better than any of the new units I've seen.  The drawers contain
         electric nail grinders with barrel refills, clipper blades, etc.
Pic 2: The platform behind Scotty is a veterinarian-style weighing scale. The table in the middle is one we made long ago when we  
         acquired our very first dogs - three Toy Poodles.  It has industrial carpet on the top and is mainly used for brushing out the
         dogs.  One of the stand-dryers is on the far right by the window.
Pic 3: A four-foot-long table in the corner is handy to temporarily put things on and as a "cave" for waiting dogs.  The blue stand
         dryer is a roll-around force-dryer which my husband has modified.  

Pic 1: Shows the closet which we outfitted with shelves to hold all the accoutrements that go with dog grooming and care. The blue chest of drawers has storage for more supplies plus ear-cleaning supplies on top.
Pic 2: This is the second grooming room used for scissorwork.  Not shown - the left wall has a  3' x 5' mirror above the wainscoting and a roll-around table which holds clippers, combs, and scissors.  Not shown - the right wall has a 3' by 6' window above the wainscoting.  At either end of the wall unit are two vertical neon (outside color) lights that can be rolled around to where we need more lighting.  The end wall has a closet in the middle with a chest of drawers (holding dog scarfs) on one side and a 4' long sofa on the other.   
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