Some of my favorite pictures from July.

At the church down the road.                 The boys bringing in the morning newspapers.

We try to walk the boys in town about once a week for socialization.

We wash/dry/shave/scissor all four Standards every two weeks.   We do two one day and the other two the next day.

One week it rained for two days straight and the dogs were bored, bored bored!  The third day was nice and sunny so we went to the park.

First thing in the morning, the dogs play outside for about an hour.

This is the ghost we got for our Halloween movie.  Notice Scotty bottom center.

At a church in our area.

Joey: touch your nose, wave, wave/standing                                                      Scotty: touch your nose, wave/standing . . . showoff!

Scotty: Reach high                 Joey (15 mos), Scotty (10 mos), Sydney (11 yrs), and Jyah (12 yrs)                      At PetSmart

What walking at the park looks like from my view.                 Mule ride in the woods.                          Exercising with 65 lb weight.

At the park                                                          ice water sure tastes good                              Appointment at the vet clinic

Scotty has an opinion about everything!

The boy sure loves to talk.