Some of my favorite pictures from November
"Bark, bark, you can't come in!"         Scotty stalking his brother                      "Sky-high" jump                          Wide steps to 8-foot tower
"What's going on out there?"                                                                                 Scotty jumping down through the cut-out circle
The boys love to play                                                          A lesson in gathering leaves                              Walking in town
Finally, it's cold enough to walk in the woods - the boys have a great time chasing each other - while the old dogs watch.
        Scotty stalking an unsuspecting Joey                     Here's a close-up - isn't he cute?!!              The boys watching pine-needles burn
At the park                                       Something interesting over there ~~                                 Scotty hiding from Joey
The boys learning to stay in a wagon while I pull it.
The many stalk-modes of Scotty
We're starting to work on our next movie                                            In the woods                                     Still can't reach the top