Some of my favorite pictures from October
At the park, the dogs found a snakeskin, and I almost walked into this spider in a web across the trail.              Everyone gets cookies. 
In the woods, one of our roads goes by "The Baggy Tree" . . . isn't it cool?!          Scotty's waiting for dog cookies his Dad has just made.           

Top: 1-2 dog walk - Bottom: 1 walk over maze - Bottom: 2 walk L-shaped dog walk.  Side right: ladder steps down from 66-inch high platform. 

 Happy Birthday, Jyah - October 15 (12 years)                          At the park                                  Jyah, Sydney, Scotty, and Joey

The dogs' new electric toothbrushes - they love them!
At the park - look at Scotty's ears!
At home - playing in the back yard
Scotty wouldn't get off the bed so we could make it - scamp!     He loves "Pink Dragon"               I hid Pink Dragon - but he found it.
                                   Autumn leaves are falling - the leaf blower doesn't bother Scotty - nor does the fire.
Groom Day                                                  Joey, washed and fluff dried              Joey, Scotty, Jyah, and Sydney - groomed
Swinging barrels (2)                     Ladder walk and parallel bar walk                  Long ramp                  
      Scotty "talking about it"                           The three boys helping me exercise              It's getting cold!  We can start walking soon.
We finished our Halloween movie!  Click on thumbnail