Some of my favorite pictures from September
Scotty telling me all about it                               He loves having his teeth brushed!                         She looks mad, doesn't she?
Scotty stalking his brother                               Scotty stalking Sydney                                        "Hi, Mom"

This is a house we used in our Halloween movie - where geese kept coming over to see us.                    A still from a scene from the movie.

The dogs play while I drive the lawnmower around with a "float" attached to smooth the yard.                     A lovely bouquet!

Behaviors boys are practicing for their Halloween movie.  1) Wave (together), 2/3) Give me a kiss (nose pressed to my cheek), and 4) High

       Guess what this is?                  Isn't she the cutest thing ever!  Where baby box turtles come from ... can't believe we got this picture.

  Bringing in the morning newspapers                           Getting the boys used to being around a wheelchair

     Groom day:Joey - finished                                        Scotty - finished                               Joey, Scotty, Jyah, and Sydney - finished

       Scotty stalking his brother                                    Joey looking at worms on branch          Fake rat used in Halloween movie     

       Joey chasing Scotty at the park                                                                                                       Getting a drink   

 Guess where chew sticks are kept?               Delayed newspaper delivery                                            Everyone loves Orange Monkey

Our old newspaper deliverers were more reliable!

Orange Monkey is an "inside" toy.  Scotty kept taking him outside - so ~~~

Orange mushrooms gathered for our movie  Learned about "Death Angel" mushrooms (is this one?) in our woods - deer don't eat them