We started riding in the Kawasaki Mule the first of April (instead of walking) as the ticks were out in force.  We have several deer that don't bother to run when they see us drive by.  The one in the second picture looks like she's ready to have twins.   
Spring 2013
Scotty is stalking Joey . . . see picture two (above).  He's so funny!    Picture three (above) Joey gets the paper every morning.
Scotty stalking his brother again.                                                                                                       We visit the lake quite often.

The newspaper carrier throws the paper over the front fence.  Scotty being dried.   We're starting a new movie - me above videoing the maze.

The boys are learning the mailbox - Scotty will get the mail.  Initial training 1) pull lid open with foot 2) Get mail 3) push lid shut with nose.
See how rat snakes "rickrack" gripping the ground!  We saw him on our ride today.                              We also found a turkey feather.
Everyone helps bringing in the mail: Sydney (above)                              Jyah (above)                            Scotty and Joey (above)