This Christmas, I decided to make e-cards.  Since it's only ever snowed here at Christmas twice in the 25+ years we've lived here, I went to and found a Christmasy looking video, and I freeze-framed a picture.  Then I put the dogs in front of a blue-screen, took their picture and chroma-keyed them into the scene. 
Not very realistic looking - I wish I knew how to use Photo Shop! 
Scotty is the funniest boy.  Here he is stalking his brother, Joey (a typical pastime).  See below - Joey is unaware of the danger.
Everyone has just been groomed.  (Artist Carl Granath, who lives in our area, painted the wonderful mural on the wall in back of the dogs).

More pictures of Scotty stalking his brother Joey.  There had been a windstorm
and the blue panels that make up the maze had been blown over and strewn about. 

Above: This used to be a ladder (in the in-door obstacle course) but we made it into stairs so it would be more fun for the dogs.

Right: Everyone wants to go outside but no one is asking.  :o) 

Everyone is wearing their new Hurtta dog jackets (great product!) as it was really cold.

We call this area "Squirrel Fall Trail" because several times this winter when we've come through here, a squirrel has fallen out of a tree right at our feet and barely managed to scurry out of reach of two very determined and excited boys. 

Scotty and Joey are practicing their scenting skills in preparation for their newest movie:

K-9 ACTING - Talk and Find It - with short film.

Both these boys are really good at scenting games.

Below, we're practicing carrying a blue monkey in the woods.  They will be carrying a cat puppet in the movie. 

We saw this happen.  There's a sofa on the inside below this window and Joey had jumped up, whirled around, and hit the pane with his hip, breaking the glass.  Luckily there were blinds over the window and Joey was unhurt.  Above right - he's looking contrite.
This is the parking lot at one of the lake's boat ramps - it's a huge area and nice for training and walking the dogs.
Above: In costume for movie.                                  Walking in the woods, which we do almost daily in the fall/winter.