I have always been intrigued by dog actors, and we have been making movies of our own dogs since 1999.  (See our YouTube Channel or our Canine Horizons websites.)  We write scripts to fit each dog's personality, creating scenes where our dogs' actions and behaviors tell the story, using trained behaviors that look like emotions to make their performances believable. 

Well-conceived, well-acted dog movies evoke emotions in the viewer, making them memorable. Movies are also a way to preserve, in a fun-to-watch format, all that a beloved dog has been trained to do, whether for limited viewing or to be put on the Internet for the entire world to see. 

We use positive reinforcement training techniques to teach our dogs foundation behaviors, retrieving, tracking, scent work, obstacles, and freestyle plus a variety of other actions and behaviors.  When making movies, we use trained behaviors from the dogs' entire repertorie to have them "act" out the stories.  

For more articles about making movies, see our main website (Articles page) 
"The Canine Actor".


Updated - November 2014